Fiction and Poem Submission Guidelines


There are few limitations in subject matter, but be warned pornography or the exultation of any kind of abuse is not accepted.


Until an efficient submissions platform can be established to handle all file types, submissions are required to be in word.doc /x or rtf. Linked submissions to cloud or other services will not be accepted, and will not be replied to.

Fiction word acceptances between 2500 words to a maximum of 7000 words.


Poetry has been added to The Blend, because one of the editors used to be a performance poet and has a good understanding of the styles, and delivery mechanisms that are often put on show.

Submit 3 poems in a single file. Poetry is preferred no longer than 50 lines. Haiku is fun, but rarely purchased.

Limit vulgarity and sexual or depressive representations. These are no taboo subjects but some concepts will be harder to sell unless written expertly


The Blend is an inclusive publisher. Be aware when submitting if from an under represented sector of the population and society, mentioning this sub-section will help us in some of our determinations.

Your Region

All fiction needs to be submitted in English but submission need not depict strict western culture and mindset.

It is just as important to capture a vision of your region, its feel and texture so readers can experience places and voices far removed from their own.

Contract and Payment

The Blend uses a contract requiring first international English rights in print and eBook versions with all rights returned 6 months after publication.

All payment will be made via PayPal.

Payment for Fiction -  US$200 paid on publication. Poetry -  US$25 paid on publication.  All authors will be paid 2 days after publication date. #1  July 31st - 2019 and #2  January 31-2020

Reading Fee

SUBSCRIBERS to The Blend do not pay submission fees.

Yes, there is a reading fee. Too many submissions are spammed submissions made to a lot of journals at the same time.  This is time consuming and frustrating.  Opinions vary on this step, one such opinion is published HERE.

Please read the article before considering a submission to us, or any fee charging publication.

Fee is US$5.00 per story submission 

Fee is US$2.00 per 3 poem submission


Fiction submission reading fee per submission


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

When paying fee, ensure you put the title of the work and your full name in the comments section. Current submission address is  -  if you do not get a response automatically submit to

Please include paypal transaction number in submission dialogue box.


Poetry Submission Fee (3 poems in 1 file)00


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

3 poems of no more than 50 lines each to be submitted to  --  if you do not get a response automatically submit to