International literature

All staff members are involved with other projects and hold other roles in the publishing industry and we thank them for their work for The Blend.  For any contacts please go HERE.

The Blend Staff

Senior Editor


Sarah Knight the senior editor has worked for agencies in representation roles, edited novels for publishers, has worked as a publisher and script writer for two production companies and is also a widely published author.

Assistant Editor


Brad McNaughton when not promoting the written and spoken word this editor is creating standout fiction for publications around the world.

Assistant Editor


Josh Osmond is one of the brightest talents in the short form and soon to be long form. With an exacting eye for detail, this editor will bring vision and excitement to the team.



This designer has vision and an eye for simplicity and style.

Copy Editor


An essential part of any journal is getting the right copy for the press. Kain Massin's skills have been displayed across anthologies and collections on the international stage. An award winning author in his own right and someone who knows the needs of a professionally produced volume.  

Submission Reader


The first reader is important to the whole process, and in this role we use an editor of both short and long form and a judge for numerous industry awards through the years. If a work gets passed this point it will be for good reason.

This reader has taken on a caring role and needs some support. We support him but he needs more, help if and when you can, thank you so much to out readers. Help Fix the SAAB