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A 2 Year Olds Farewell.

(Goodbye Scott)

Robert N Stephenson

Dear Scott,

why did you have to leave?

Inside the airlock you didn’t say goodbye?

I shook you, tried to breathe for you

I even held your hand, cold and small

but you had already gone.

Mum and dad screamed, as the light blinked green

they cried and cried and cried.

I watched the door close. I didn’t understand.

Why did you have to leave so soon?

I had great plans of things to do,

we could have played with Teddy

or with some rocks from the moon

the ones daddy gives me sometimes.

You could have held my finger

for as long as you wanted.

Oh Scott, why did you go. Why are you cold?

Mummy said you were now part of creation

and it sounds like a pretty place,

why didn’t you take me?

I know I made you cry inside your tiny suit

You were so helpless taking tiny breaths.

it was nice to see you smile

with that twinkle in your eye,

why did you go? Why didn’t you wait for me?

mummy is still crying, and daddy’s gone away,

if you knock on the lock and I’ll let you in.

please come back so we can laugh again.

I’m sorry Scott. I’m sorry I made you die.

I really miss you so.


Poetry is the last vestige of true expression. No voice is silenced, not though filtered or managed. Poetry is the expression of emotion and thought in it rawest manner and its most polished presentations. Never be afraid. Never.

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