International literature


The Blend's goals

Changing the World by Changing

The goals when first discussed before Christmas 2018 were simple in concept. Actively search the world for unique voices and points of view and deliver those viewpoints through the medium of short stories. The modern journal is seeking at all times the absolute best writing, and they set out to deliver just that, but few, if any set the task of seeking out different voices and accepting their original tone and inclination away from perfection in the literary sense. A grand goal indeed, but can it be delivered?

The Blend wants to stand for its name completely not just artistically. An artist can blend colours expertly where a child would simply run them all together while enjoying the magical rainbow effect. The approach by The Blend is to be like a child and allow those different colours and textures to run together and form an abstract, yet appealing view of the world.

It is a lofty goal, and the editors and publisher have set their sights on achieving this with the first issue. Like a child’s rainbow, it will have fuzzy edges and colours mismatched, but then the world and its cultures is not a picture of perfection.

Mission Statement

To see the world with eyes and mind and accept its many hues without limitation or restriction.

The Blend’s goals are far from simple, nor are they easy to achieve, but they are possible if we all believe.