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Future Visions Award


The Future Visions Award

The world is filled with ideas and overflowing with visions of the future. What will it be like? Will society change dramatically? Or will things stay the same only slightly different?

Each year Altair Australia Pty Ltd will accept all stories that challenge either the way we see ourselves in the future, or how the world is represented in the future. This vision could be a science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, thriller, crime view, or a contemporary view following the lives of people as they adjust to the new, or who are entrenched in the modern way we have yet to experience.

The Future Visions Award is not genre specific, as it has been decided a set genre platform would be limiting and restrictive to what writers want to, or need to say.


Altair Australia Pty Ltd

This yearly award has been established by The Blend's publisher Altair Australia Pty Ltd, a small press anthology publisher in Australia. The publisher has been delivery interesting speculative fiction for over two decades and has founded awards which now hold their place in the Australian speculative landscape. These included The Peter McNamara Achievement Award and the Australian Shadows Awards. These contributions help writers find recognition for their works in a world of saturation.

The Publisher will donate the Award, plus $500 in cash to the story it feels best represents the future vision  of either the world, or of people. The Blend will publish the recipient in the next issue of the journal. 

For the publishers entire existence it has aimed for inclusion and acceptance of people for who they are, and who they want to be. This award is no different.


Send Your Vision to the Award

Deadline - November 15  2019 midnight. Story published January 2020 Issue The Blend International.

Submissions to the Future Visions Award are open to all short fictions between 3500 and 7000 words for unpublished original submissions, and up to 10 000 words for previously published stories. Self published is considered published, but that will not limit you in this award. (Published fiction must have been published between January 2017 and January 2019). Multiple submissions are permitted though for original unpublished fiction this can mean up to 6 months wait for a response. Previously published works do not suffer from this delay as much.

While simultaneous submissions can make things awkward for the judges, they are allowed on the condition the entry is withdrawn from the award immediately if sold or considered for another award.

Submissions must have the author's name, address and email address in the top left corner of the manuscript along with the payment number from pay pal for the entry fee. This helps considerably with processing of all submissions for the award. Previously published submissions must name the publication in which the story appeared and in what year.

A top five will be announced here, after they have been notified of their placing and the winner will be announced two weeks after the posting of the Top 5 online. There is only one recipient for this award. The Future Visions Award does not accept pornography or child abuse fiction in any form.

Due to low and slow submission rate Altair Australia Pty Ltd will make the top 5 selection.

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