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While all donations are greatly appreciated, it is suggested you read the journal and see if it is something you want to support. Issue # 1 will appear in July 2019 - while many support the concept already, we still encourage you to at the very least read the free story on the site.

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Adding the First Colours


The Editors


The editors of The Blend come from a wide range of literary disciplines, but all see the same objective; the discovery of new and interesting voices and a  desire to capture cultures and ideas as well as fictions designed to enlighten. Stories since the first pressing of a reed into clay have allowed people to share knowledge, experiences and imaginings. 

The Blend wants to broaden this sharing, open borders and allow the free flow of people and culture to push us into uncertain futures. You can read more about this with our goals.

By collecting stories from around the world, it can be possible to capture glimpses into other lives to help weave a tapestry of many colours and many textures. Some threads will be fine and delicate while others will be robust and strong; all will come together to help create a picture of the world today, and perhaps what the world can be tomorrow.

Reading and editing will take an inordinate amount of time and few, if any writer, new or established, delivers work ready for publication. The senior editor and the publisher contribute financially to the project, so it can deliver not only its first issue in July 2019, but also have a solid foundation on which to build a reputation for quality fiction, but also one that looks after its staff and supporters.

The publisher is new to literary fiction but is open to the direction of the editors and also shares in the desire to make a change in the field, a change to how fiction is seen and delivered. This is not a change in technology, but a change in vision, assessment and what is deemed important.

The tapestry of life is made up of unique tones, of individuals working towards a common goal how we see each other is more important today than at any time in human history. Where there is this need to divide and segregate The Blend strives to unite and include.

There are no bad writers; there are no bad stories, just variations in tone, voice and vision. The Blend International hopes to capture this variation and bring people closer together away from fear and doubt and ridicule. The Blend is in Australia, but its view of the world is wide and accepting.

Regardless of differences in skin colour, the shape of noses and eyes or even the way in which one wears their hair no one is refused entry. There are no limitations based on religious beliefs, sexual orientations, gender understandings or social positions. The fabric of culture and society is bland if you ignore any aspect. And while The Blend aims to create a colourful landscape without definition, it also aims to establish strong voices for change through fiction.


The Blend has lost a sponsor and some changes have been made. There is no longer a reading fee 


All stories selected for publication will undergo some form of editing. No work is perfect and no writing will go unchallenged. Even in the early stages some work has been turned down after authors refused to consider editorial guidance. The editor is not always right and sometimes their views can be misunderstood. The editing process takes time and a writer can accept editing direction or they can refuse, it is their choice, but to be published in The Blend you will need to work with the editors and it is through working with the editor The Blend and the author can get a suitable outcome for publication


The journal is dedicated to fiction only, the contents of the small book will contain a small introduction from one of the editors, and a brief biography from each author selected plus the selected and edited stories. .

Editors do not contribute fiction to the journal. The Blend does not buy fiction outside of the submission process.


The Blend International will be produced in both print and eBook versions. All rights purchased will be for these platforms. 


The Blend uses PayPal as its payment platform and while payment is a set amount the business plan has a built-in upscale to improve this payment model to approach a more professional standing. Systems are in place to allow for donations and sponsorships which over time will enable improved reparations to authors and the longevity of the journal.

The current payment is by no means a significant sum of money, though is on par with some of the long-established journals who have considerable readerships and subscription bases.

The Blend subscription is a two issues subscription which includes postage costs. The journal will be delivered in July and January each year.

All contributors will be paid two days after publication release as per contract conditions