International literature


Adding the First Colours


The colours of the world and its people are important to the tapestry of life and existence.

A Simple Goal


Bringing the world together 

one story at a time



Open year round. Read guideline please. Guidelines contain critical information - Fiction and Poetry


Issue #1 has already been tabled for July 2019 with the purchase of some literature and a poem already made. Approximately 10 stories per issue. Issue #2 will be January 2020. Buying for this issue commences when issue #1 is filled. Advanced buying, while possible, will be avoided so this remains an open and accessible market year round.

* a brief note of thank you for the submissions so far, the quality is refreshing for such a new publication. Already some authors have had their responses from the slush reader and we hope to keep the process as quick as possible into the future. Again, thank you all for your support.